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We grew up in an age where crying was considered as weakness. Thankfully, this is changing and crying is becoming more accepted. But chances are high you have been told at least once in your childhood to stop crying, especially if you are a male. "Deal with it, suck it up, a patronising why are you crying, or you're crying again?" How has this approach reflected and impacted us as society?

It has definitely created a dissonance between genders, people, and our own connection to ourselves. This type of approach to something so essential and basic to us as human beings, creates a space of undermining and opposing our feelings, lacking the freedom to express our emotions,cleanse and process them. What sort of long term effect does this have on us? If you are suppressing the need to cry, it may lead to various physical and psychological problems. Every and any form of suppression means we are blocking something, therefore we're unable to process the emotion and release it.

Times are changing and expressing emotions in various ways, as well as crying is becoming more accepted. There is no too little or too big reason that needs to happen for you to permit yourself to cry if you feel the need. Notice what happens within your body when you suppress the need to cry. You will most likely feel immediate tension build up. This is all stored somewhere and eventually you will have to deal with it. So why not allow our body to process it naturally?

Think of crying as a natural bodily function, same as urination, sleep, hunger, thirst, breathing and so on. You wouldn't suppress these physical needs, would you? So why do the same with the need to cry? Crying is the natural response of our body, to eliminate something, cleanse us and give us relief.

So let's start giving others permission to cry, without judging the reasoning behind it, and do the same for OURSELVES ❤




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