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Welcome! WHAT IS THIS PROGRAM ABOUT? I have been practising and using yoga as a tool to lower my stress levels and overall improve my wellbeing for years now, and it works wonders when I need to recentre myself. I wanted to create a yoga program that will be easy to apply and roster into your everyday life. WHO IS IT FOR? When I was putting this program together, I was focused on people who need a daily relief, without giving up hours of their time. You don’t have to be familiar with yoga, flexible or a zen master to start this journey. You just have to have 10-30 minutes a day that you will dedicate to yourself. Having limited time, whether it’s because of your career, family or something else, can lead to stress build up, and overall disbalance, may lead you to being emotionally and physically exhausted. ARE YOU ARE FEELING? TIRED STRESSED OVER WORKED EXHAUSTED LIMITED WITH TIME ANXIOUS DISCONNECTED ​ DO YOU WANT TO? HAVE A FEW MOMENTS OF PEACE TO YOURSELF PER DAY RECONNECT WITH YOURSELF BE MORE PRESENT IMPROVE YOUR OVERALL WELLBEING You will receive: TEN DIFFERENT YOGA VIDEOS BETWEEN 10-30 MINUTES LONG THREE DIFFERENT GUIDELINE CALENDARS- designed by Lui+Lei which will guide you to how to use this program This isn't a workout challenge, or something you can fail at. The main goal with this program, is to guide you into creating a space for yourself, where you can find ways to release stress, tension, and reconnect with yourself.




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