I started my yoga journey back in 2013 as an escape from pain due to an injury. I was still living in Croatia, and planning another move to Australia.

After graduating in fashion design and getting my fitness instructor degree, I moved to Brisbane, Australia in 2015. By this stage I was very interested in yoga, and I kept coming back to it more and more, eventually completing my yoga teacher training.

Before equilibrium hub came to life, I was putting in the daily grind in various industries (hospitality, retail, beauty industry). Parallel to this I was working in a few studios and teaching yoga. I knew all along I wanted to get out of my daily jobs, and create something of my own.

Creating this hub, was an ongoing process of self work and exploration, and still is! I plan to keep it this way. What truly gives me joy is working with other souls, and providing a space for the same things I needed-healing, self-love and support! 

As travel has been a part of my life since my childhood, the universe intended for me to make this work in a more flexible way. Even though I am based in Brisbane, Australia, I still travel quite often, and therefore my studio classes are based on my location (studio classes are currently held in Zagreb, Croatia).

The hub lives through this platform, offering online classes, programs, and events.

I am grateful that I am living my passion, and I am thankful for the support of my loved ones who helped me get here.

Looking forward to getting to know you. Welcome to "equilibrium yoga hub".

Love, Frankie


  • RYT500 - "Gaia Yoga School", Croatia - ONGOING

  • Prenatal Yoga - 2021 "My Health Yoga", Australia 

  • Energy Medicine Course/Flower of Life - 2021 with Sandra D. Bianco (Gaia Yoga School), Croatia

  • Shakti circle - 2020 Sandra D. Bianco (Gaia Yoga School), Croatia

  • Pranayama - The mastery of breath & energy - 2020 Tom Richter (Gaia Yoga School), Croatia

  • RYT200 - 2016 "My Health Yoga", Australia

  • Group fitness instructor - 2015 "Fitness Academy", Croatia

  • Bacch. fashion design - 2013 "Textile faculty", Zagreb, Croatia




My spiritual journey started perhaps the very moment I decided to start Yoga. After showing up at my first Yoga class I heard a sentence that impressed me greatly, '' Leave your ego outside.'' Other than the fact that this means to have respect for one's own body and boundaries. It also has a much deeper meaning about which a book could be written.  At that class, in a studio full of people, I was not comparing myself to others. I was only observing myself, listening to instructions, respecting my boundaries and discovering everything that I was capable of.

After a short while, in 2018 I began basic training course to become a Yoga Instructor (multi-style Yoga: Ashtanga and Vinyasa) at the Gaia Yoga School & Shala. After completing my basics course I am still growing in that area. Therefore in 2020, I am begging the next level of my Yoga Instructor course. I began my Yoga journey with traditional exercise (Ashtanga and Mysore), and now I am teaching classes across individual studios, a more fluid and creative type of class – Vinyasa style. I am grateful for all the knowledge I have acquired from all my teachers.


Other than the fact that I am still learning and growing in that world, I have decided to share my experiences with others. I fill that this is the path that will truly fulfil me. I am happy to be a Yoga Instructor as that is what I am, and it is the foundation for all my future journeys. In general, when we decide to work on yourself, we start to realise all of the things that we have been aware of and better still all the things we have never been aware of. I believe that at the moment the Yoga world gives me all of this, and how much room there exists for us all to become better versions of ourselves.


I am pleased that I chose Gaia for this process. The instructors teach me so much more than just Yoga, and through their example, I can see how we can send more kindness, goodness, understanding, growth and love into the world. With the world how it is all of these qualities are vital and therefore more Yogis with big hearts.


  • Gaia Yoga School & Shala, RYS 300: Yoga Teacher, 2020 - ONGOING

  • Jyotish, Nikola Žuvela, 2022. - ONGOING

  • Energy Medicine Course/Flower of Life - 2021 - Sandra D. Bianco (Gaia Yoga School)

  • Shakti circle Sandra D.Bianco (2020)

  • Gaia Yoga School & Shala, RYS 200: Yoga Teacher, 2018-2019.

  • University of Zagreb, Public relations



Hi! I’m Lea - a primary education teacher, English teacher and, as of this year, a yoga teacher as well.
Yes, I love teaching! I grew up in Kastav near Rijeka, and I have been living in Zagreb for the last 10

Yoga came into my life about 6 years ago. It was a period of many changes in my life. I just graduated,

moved to a new place, got my first job and faced a few of the life’s challenges. For years before that, I’d
been trying to find a physical activity that would fulfil me, but I just couldn’t. I didn’t know exactly what
I wanted until I came across yoga. Yoga was the missing piece of a puzzle.

I started practicing yoga regularly at home, and I was amazed by all the benefits I started noticing. I felt
more flexible, stronger, and more energetic. I enjoyed every moment on the yoga mat. Although I was
initially attracted to yoga by physical practice, over time my curiosity led me to learn more about yoga
philosophy, anatomy, and the effects of yoga on human body and mind.

I find great fulfillment in teaching and learning about things I’m passionate about, so the next obvious
step for me was to become a yoga teacher. I did my 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training with Jess Rose –
my first online yoga teacher who actually made me fall in love with yoga.

In the meantime, I also completed a short Kids Yoga Teacher Training and I created my kids yoga cards
“Happy Baby”. Working with children has a very special place in my heart and I’m sure that kids yoga
will become more popular in the following years.

I believe that in each stage of our lives we can find something in the practice of yoga that will suit our
needs – and that is what makes yoga special.
My desire is to continue to grow and develop through my own practice, teaching and education, as well as
to pass on to the others as much as I can at a given moment.

I’m at the very beginning of my yoga teaching journey and it seems a bit unreal to me. However, I know
that I’m right here where I’m supposed to be.
I’m grateful to have this chance to teach yoga and I’m looking forward to all the moments I will spend on
and off my yoga mat - this time as a teacher.
Whenever our paths cross – I’ll be happy to meet you! 


  • Master of Primary Education – 2017 "The Faculty of Teacher Education", Zagreb

  • Helen Doron English Teacher – 2016 "Helen Doron Teacher Training", Zagreb

  • Kids Yoga Teacher – 2021 "Peaceful Babes Kids Yoga Teacher Training"

  • RYT200 – 2022 "Movement Wisdom School of Yoga"